To create Co-living eco system of vibrant communities which will be known for comprehensive and professional services driven by technology and best practices.

At Roomee, we don’t just help you find a room, we help you find a home. With the Roomee mobile app, you can virtually explore your future home from our wide assortment of thoroughly reviewed and handpicked PGs, longstays & co-living spaces. The user-friendly interface lets you compare rooms, prices & facilities to book your ideal location without having to move an inch.

Money matters! We charge absolutely no brokerage fee so that you can get amazing homes at affordable prices. Despite sky-rocketing accommodation prices, we confidently follow this policy because we understand the importance of living in a place that you deeply adore. Afterall, a good home is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

With the lack of easily accessible information, searching for a PG was a nightmare. But not anymore! We combine the power of technology with good personalized human interaction to help you find a home without facing any difficulties. Each property has a unique video tour and dozens of well-lit pictures, so you can be rest assured that what you see is what you get. Our Roomee Helpdesk team is also available at your disposal to offer you suggestions, guide you through’ multiple options and help you find an amazing living space within a matter of minutes.

One bill, one price, no extra conditions. Cut out your additional costs. Disappointed to see that your unbelievably cheap apartment doesn’t seem to be such a great deal anymore? All thanks to the other ‘not so negligible’ costs like electricity, maintenance, cable & cleaning charges which burn an enormous hole in your pocket. Yes! this means that the prices we offer are all inclusive, saving you from both unnecessary payments and unwanted stress.

Enjoy apartment-like facilities without the hassle of maintaining one! Our property owners focus on helping you live the right way, and have introduced stunning features like home theatres, gyms, recreational sport centers, work areas, party halls and cafeterias. Further, we ensure that you receive the best facilities by setting the standard for infrastructure and services in co-living spaces.

Have fun time living among the socially active environment!. No more isolated residences in the middle of nowhere. When you get back from office, forget the pressure and get immersed among your new found buddies. Roomee strives towards creating great community eco-system of likeminded folks, so that you “make friends and make memories”.

Trust and security, are values that we hold very close to our hearts. We believe in long term and strive to establish great owner-tenant relationships based on trust. Our stringent quality checks ensure that the properties stay safe and secure with trusty guards and CCTV cameras to keep intruders out.

Let‘s take a look at the bigger picture. We work towards creating a complete eco-system for millennials which will enhance their quality of life and also provide a safer environment apart from being a co-living discovery and booking platform. It is a key step towards creating vibrant urban spaces & connected communities.

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