Bond over breakfast !

Are you in your twenties?, feeling cramped about living in the same city and having to go through the same drill every day? Here's some good news. Co-living spaces are the way to go for you.

If you have already lived outside your city, the concept of PG accommodation might be familiar to you, BUT what makes a co-living space stand out from a PG is the freedom of a home. Let me quickly jot down the reasons why you should materialize your wanderlust and move into a co-living space.

Settling down in a new city can be frightening. And most of us may have to do it at such short notice, we might not have the time or the resources to find a place home-y. So next time you settle down in a dingy hostel locked up in your room most of the time, think about having a space where you can find people who are as lost as you are in the city. Two peas in a pod, indeed.

If you're just starting out to work, housekeeping and bills can be quite intimidating. In a co-living space, this is eliminated because it is no longer your problem. Whether it's a refrigerator or a WiFi or a cozy setup in the common living area, we got you covered!. Beyond the cost factor or the fear of settling down, there's one thing that millennials are terrified about some judgmental landlords. What makes a co-living space so special is the diversity and the ability of being in an ambience that provides you with the comfort of a home. Absence of landlords breathing down your neck is bound to loosen you up a little.

The main problem about living away from home is the fact that health is pretty much uncared for. Inaccessibility to fitness centers and play area can also drive you to laziness which is why we leave no stone unturned. Bring your game on with a game of table tennis or a rep at the gym, and leave your excuses aside because fitness is literally a flight of stairs away.

Millennials are often perceived as lone rangers in pursuit of their own lives. As the freedom encompasses them, they pursue their own paths, evidently in no hurry ‘to settle down’. However, the journey can often get lonely. Here's where we step in with the antidote of co-living in a community of like-minded individuals – bonding over breakfast and quiet evenings with chai – makes it easier to have meaningful face-to-face conversations in an increasingly virtual world. Not surprisingly, youngsters are cherishing the comforts of community living.

The best thing that is derived out of a co-living space is the company. You'd be surprised by how many like-minded people you can find around you, work-wise and personally. The possibilities of what you could create at the comfort of working within your home are endless. If you are a graphic designer, chances are that you might find a coder down the hall. In short, co-living spaces can also develop to be potential incubators. Remember, all great companies out there started small.

What are you waiting for ? . Get ready to explore “Co-living” experience …