Co-living 101: The Essentials

Moving to a new city is terrifying. Just when you think you have all your problems sorted out after finding a dream job that best suits you, you realize there's a bigger pain- finding an apartment. Amidst finicky house owners who ask you 10 times the rent as deposit and staying in a dilapidated building that doubles up as a PG, it can be hard.

Cut to the future. "Co-living spaces"- Imagine finding a decent space that is appropriate for the safety of the people living there. Don't stop at just that; picture spaces that are fully furnished, have a common refreshment area, gym, WiFi and of course, roommates who are actually compatible with you.

Though it sounds too good to be real, that's what C-living spaces have in store for you . Entrepreneurs across the country are looking at the potential of how providing a home to all the hidden geniuses out there can make a difference and essentially change the startup scene in the country. With more and more millennials looking to change cities often, co-living spaces are the perfect option for Longstays.

With all these being said, here are some do's and don'ts while staying in a co-living space:


  • Be an active member. Talk to your roommates, take part in events that happen in the house. Make the environment lively!
  • Be considerate to your housemates. Even if you're messy, make sure your mess is confined to your room.
  • Always respect the house rules about noise, guests and of course, privacy.
  • Help yourself. Though it is a co-living space, a self-sufficient and productive housemate is always appreciated.
  • Keep dining spaces, kitchen and common spaces tidy. Since everyone has to use them, it is important that every housemate plays their part in keeping it clean.


  • Don't be a brooder. There isn't a need to be social all the time, but it is impossible to live in a living space while you're pushing everyone away.
  • Don't annoy anyone who have made it very apparent that they require privacy. Understanding the temperament of your roommates is a key factor to co-existing successfully.
  • Never disrespect others' need for time, space or privacy.
  • Don't break the house rules- remember that it's everyone's home, not just yours.


Have a great stay ahead!