Move over, PGs! Co-living is here!

If you are in a big city like Bangalore you can hardly miss PGs (a.k.a Paying Guest accommodation!) .They are mushroomed everywhere over length and breadth of the city, mostly crowded around IT hubs,office complexes etc. They come in all sizes , small, big, independent buildings , houses converted to PGs etc.Almost all of them offer basics like shared accommodation , wifi,TVs etc and most of them offer food also. Some are like dormitories with too many beds/sharing.Since most of them are near office complexes and IT parks it is convenient for the working professionals to live there .PGs are popular among working professionals because of ease of getting in and out , entry doesn’t take more than 1-3 months of deposit, no maintenance hassles (However level of maintenance and cleaning done can be question mark !!) ,commute friendly, availability of basics etc .

So, where is the problem? . Why PGs seems to be going out of fashion?

New commers to city after few months of living in PGs get bored or develop dislike for various reasons ranging from poor hygiene, lack of consistency in services,monotonous food, incompatible inmates, lack of social life etc .Some of the folks may join together with office colleagues or college friends and might take a flat/house . This model looks better from Infrastructure, comfort & privacy stand point .However be ready to put up with day to day chores/cleaning, maintenance hassles and running around for food etc. By the way to get a flat/house you might have to get pass landlord’s inconvenient questions/preferences , hefty deposits etc. Also in this setup most likely your world might have to revolve around your flat mates leaving you isolated in larger apartment society!.

What is the way forward ?

Welcome to Co-living spaces ! . Is this new wine in old bottle( PG?) , answer is “No”. This is the new welcome trend slowly picking up in the country and more so in Bangalore. Community living is the  central concept of Co-living spaces . Co-living spaces are redefining the living environment for working bachelor professionals with comfortable private or shared rooms with all the modern facilities like Sports center , gym , party halls , home theaters and even co-working facilities .Gone are the days of dingy PGs with unhygienic and cramped rooms.

Today the focus is more on providing engaging and collaborating atmosphere . Many of them even conduct weekend parties ,fun events , knowledge workshops etc . These community driven co-living spaces go long way in terms of creating engaging environment and fostering friendship outside the work circles . At the end of stressful day’s work you need relaxing and unwinding environment.These modern living spaces are straight there up there interms of living up to that expectation. Technology also plays a role in making the life easier.Some of them have mobile Apps which help in connecting with fellow inmates and management  , making service requests, paying rent etc.This way they bring various advantages like Comfort,Convenience,Community & Collaboration(C-C-C-C).

For many years now the office/corporate work environments have moved up several notch in terms of comfort, hygiene ,technology etc , however city’s bachelor living spaces ( read PG !) never matched up . Now with modern coliving spaces hopefully it is changing for good . Hopefully modern co-living spaces play significant role in making urban living better.

It is a great welcome trend ,but still it is long way to go …