What is ROOMEE?

ROOMEE is an App-driven Co-Living (PG) Marketplace which helps youngsters to find accommodation very easily over the Internet. It offers plenty of property choices which are carefully reviewed and selected. You can browse the properties with photos and videos, shortlist the properties you like, compare, select and make payments using credit cards, debit cards, net banking, etc.,

How does ROOMEE onboard properties?

ROOMEE reviews the Co-Living Properties (PGs) using Best practices benchmark and onboard PGs which meet all the necessary criteria. ROOMEE management would provide necessary help/advice to upgrade the property to the owner if required.


How does the Booking Process work in ROOMEE?

Visuals (both images and videos) of the PGs are provided in the ROOMEE website. If you like the PG then select a Bed, click on Book Now and proceed to book. You can make payment using multiple methods like credit cards, debit cards, net banking, e-wallets, etc.,

Can I book from a mobile?

Yes, ROOMEE Apps are available for both Android and IOS devices which can be downloaded from the link provided in the homepage of our website or can be downloaded from Google play store or Appstore.

How to schedule a visit to PG?

Select the PG you want to visit and click on the Schedule Visit button. Enter your name followed by your phone number, visiting date and time. You will get a confirmation mail and SMS. You can visit the PG based on the date and time confirmed to you. You can also call up the ROOMEE’s contact Nos and our staff will help to coordinate with the PG property staff.

Can the PGs be searched by area?

PGs can be searched by providing location, landmark or Pincode of the required area.

What to do if I don’t have ID Proof while booking?

You can continue booking and proceed to payment, but ID Proofs must be later uploaded. Tenants can’t stay at PG without providing ID and address proof documents as it is a government mandated requirement.

What is Request a Callback?

If you provide your name, Mail ID, Phone number in request a call back section ROOMEE executives will call you.

Can I edit my details after booking?

Yes, you can change your details after signing in and selecting my profile page. Click on Profile Edit to edit your details


What is the Security Deposit?

It is the Refundable amount which is taken during booking before occupation. Usually it is equivalent to 2 months of rent, however it depends on property.

Can I pay monthly rent thro’ ROOMEE?


Rent payment should be done directly to the respective property staff. At present ROOMEE website/Apps are used for only PG booking.

What is registration charges?

It is the charge towards administration and documentation services. However, it depends on the PG property management to charge or not

How can I check my payments done to ROOMEE?


You should sign in and select payment section to view the payments done to ROOMEE.


How to check-in to a PG?

After booking and payment you will get a booking confirmation mail and SMS. You can go and check-in the PG on occupation date provided during the booking. At the time of check-in, you may have to pay the balance dues in case if you have made partial payment at the time of booking thro’ website/Apps.

Is there any minimum tenure for the stay in PG?

Yes, it varies from property to property. Most of the properties expect minimum 3 months of stay.

How many days in advance can I book?

It depends on property’s policy. Most of the properties give one to two weeks of advance booking time.


How to know about the amenities provided by the PG?

Amenities provided varies from PG to PG. Check the amenities section of a specific PG to know the amenities that PG would provide.

Is food included in PG rent?

Most of the PGs have food service. However, availability of the food depends on the Property’s policy and in some cases, food may be charged extra. Please go thro’ PG listing section to get the full details.


What is the Tenant Policy?

Tenant Policy is about Terms & Conditions or “House Rules” of the property. Tenant Policy is specific to the PG. Refer Tenant Policy section in Home Page for details

What is “Terms of Use”?

It is set of guidelines to be followed by user while using ROOMEE website or Apps or services. Click on Terms of Use button at the bottom of the home page to navigate through the Terms of Use page.

What is Privacy Policy?

It is the policy followed by ROOMEE around privacy of users. It gives details about how does ROOMEE collect data and how it uses it in a responsible and secure way. It also gives details about how users should follow privacy related guidelines. You can navigate through Privacy Policy page by clicking Privacy Policy button at the bottom of the Home page.

Are Visitors/ Guests allowed?

It depends on PG management’s Tenant Policy (Terms & conditions). Please read the policy for more information


What is the Exit Procedure ?

You will need to initiate notice before exiting the PG by informing the Property management. In general, most of the PGs expect at least one month of advance Notice.

Can I Exit without initiating Notice ?

Yes, but you may have to pay penalty if minimum Notice is not given as per the terms and conditions of the property management.


What is Code of Conduct ?

We would like to make sure your stay is very comfortable and you have a memorable experience when you stay with us. It is absolutely essential to conduct oneself professionally with respect to other tenants and staff & also take good care of the property’s assets. The code of Conduct is clearly articulated in Tenant Policy and we request you to familiarise yourself with the same. Management of ROOMEE and PG Property have authority to take appropriate actions in case of violations.


Are PGs safe and secure?

Yes. PGs have CCTVs and guarded 24/7 by property staff. Also, PGs follow the Tenant identification process thoroughly to make sure only genuine people are accommodated. It is essential to give the ID and address proofs at the time of joining which help us make the property safe.

Are PGs safe from Theft and damage ?

Common amenities will be secured by the PG management, but care must be taken about the personal things. You can deposit your valuables with lockers if locker facility is available in PG. Most of the properties provide locker facilities.


Why do I need to provide Optional details while booking ?

Those details will be used to know you better and we help you to find a like-minded person in the PG. It may also help the ROOMEE and PG management to organise special events based on individual interests. However, it is based on respective PG’s policy.

How can I refer my friends for ROOMEE ?

You should sign in and select refer friend section and enter your friend’s Email ID, mobile number and other details. ROOMEE’s executives will contact them.

How to provide feedback about the PG ?

You should sign in and provide feedback by navigating to feedback page.

Can I change room/bed within the same property ?

Yes, however it is based on PG’s Policy and availability of alternate rooms. Please contact Property’s staff.

Can I know the details of the Roommate before booking the PG ?

No, you will not be able to know the details of the roommates. However, if you want to shift your room to join with your friend you can approach Property staff. Subject to PG’s policy and availability of alternate rooms your request may be accepted.

What all can I do using ROOMEE mobile apps ?

You can do all the activities which you can do on website.

My question is not listed here, what now ?

Please call ROOMEE’s contact Nos or email to contact@roomee.in or speak to respective PG’s staff.



What is ROOMEE ?

ROOMEE is a App driven PG Marketplace where you can list your PG and thus giving access to thousands of people to know about your PG. Potential tenants can book accommodation online using website as well as IOS/Android Apps. ROOMEE takes care in presenting your PG neatly and nicely using photos, videos etc. It helps to find suitable tenants quickly and it also helps to enhance your brand.

Will ROOMEE enhance the property ?

ROOMEE is not in the business of property management or development. However, they would advise about what are steps can be taken by you to improve the property features, services and aesthetics. ROOMEE will take best steps to make sure your property gets excellent attention from potential tenants.

How ROOMEE can help me improve the brand potential of my property ?

ROOMEE is a technology-based platform and it uses modern showcase methods, digital marketing techniques, social media, Analytics engine etc., to make sure your property get enhanced and get best attention possible. Our endeavour is to improve the market value of your property quickly.

How can ROOMEE help my business ?

ROOMEE lists your PG on it’s website. Many people will be able to know about your PG and thus helping you to increase your customers. They would also help you to complete documentation, get verified tenants and make seamless fees collection.


How do I list my property ?

Navigate to PG Owners section and provide details of your PG, ROOMEE’s executives will contact you.

How ROOMEE reviews my PG ?

After you provide your PG details our executives will visit your property and review it based on Best practices benchmark. They also would advise you on any change required which may help to make your property more attractive to tenants.

What is the Property onboarding process ?

ROOMEE team will visit your property and review by using Best Practices Benchmark. Once the review is successful, they will take necessary property details, photos and videos for uploading. Subsequently required orientation/training would be given to your staff about ROOMEE and overall process. Finally, your property would go online becoming visible to thousands of potential tenants. For full details/process please check the Owner’s section.


What KYC documents are required to onboard my PG ?

PAN card of the owner and the company along with the AADHAR card of the owner would be sufficient.

My question is not listed here, what now ?

Please call this number ROOMEE’s contact Nos or email to contact@roomee.in and get your doubts clarified.